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We are a startup ambassadors. If you have an idea and want to implement it. Our team will assist and would love to take your project and put our efforts on it. At Pentamark, we have a separate standings for startups. Pentamark Business Development sector’s primary activities are: The creation of private sector employment through local and regional economic diversification and capacity building, reflecting the conviction that sound economic development policy arise from local and regional determination of economic development needs and priorities.

Development Finance

Pentamark is very active in the area of private businesses across globe. Pentamark assists with financial consulting for business start-ups, acquisitions and expansions for land, buildings, and equipment through partners.

Staff/Technical Assistance

Pentamark provides staff and/or technical assistance for the startups and companies. 

Expansion Services

Pentamark caters to Business Expansion and Retention Services. Pentamark provides financial, marketing, and management consulting services for troubled or expanding companies in the region.

Project Management

Pentamark contracts with cities and agencies in the region to write grant/project applications, provide grant administration services, and to manage projects funded by the investors. 

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