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Press Release: Merger Announced

The following is our Joint Press Release:

Leading digital media and business development agency PENTAMARK and Investment Communication venture, JAMAL Enterprises Holdings, Inc. officially announce their merger. The new group will trade under the PENTAMARK Velocity banner. Details of the group’s activities to date can be found on the websites: and

Asad Jamal will continue as CEO, with Amna Shah joining the board of directors as Head of Business Development. The company will combine the best of the business development and management. Pentamark Group is a global leader in business development and digital media with presence over 28+ countries and a vast client rage of 250+ spread across the globe.

PENTAMARK Velocity will continue to offer its extensive range of facilities including its large fleet clients. The company will remain a reseller for their current clients.

The merger of the two companies will unify under one roof an extensive range of specialist personnel and expertise over the business development and digital media industries.

“We are absolutely thrilled to merging both. The global reputation of PENTAMARK Group combined with a unique facilities and talented team will provide all stakeholders, an amazing experience”. -Asad Jamal

Further information can be obtained by emailing us at


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