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Pentamark to begin SureMark from 9.11.20! Bringing insurance services to all the orders for clients!

Pentamark is bringing, first of its kind, the Order Insurance service from 9th November 2020, to all the orders being dispatched from UK, USA Pakistan and Australia.

What does it mean?

We provide drop-ship facility, which means people re-sell our products and we manage the delivery, product management and everything for them. They simply list our products and whenever they get the order - our team handle it for them. Read more at to find out how 210+ people are availing our facility and making a handsome amount by doing and investing nothing.

How will SureMark work?

SureMark will provide insurance to the order being sent. Which means, if your customer does not like the product, wants an exchange, wants to refund - we bear the entire cost of return, shipping and/or anything and give you the complete refund of the order. You're ensured that if your client is not happy with our product, we will offer you a full refund, and get the shipment pickup for free from your buyers' address.

Were orders before not like that?

No, if the buyer wants to refund, return or exchange - we use to charge client with re-shipment fee + re-stocking fee + shipment charge were not refunded. With SureMark, client is ensured that he won't be any loss.

When will it begin?

Pentamark is working with authorities to finalise the legal requirements for this and will begin from all orders being sent out effective 9th November 2020 0900 hrs GMT.

Is there a fee to avail SureMark facility?

Yes, Pentamark will charge a percentage fee separate for you to avail this facility.

If I don't want to avail this?

Not a problem, you can keep on staying and availing our other services without availing this facility.

If I want insurance for certain order and not for all?

Possible, it's upto you to choose SureMark facility. If you want it for 1 order, opt in for this otherwise there's no need.

How will fee schedule be?

We will be charging a minimal fee for this, and fee schedule will be shared with the clients.

Will SureMark provide details?

Yes, details will be logged in at

If you need more help, visit our SureMark page -

For help,


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