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Pentamark steps in helping nation during COVID-19 crisis

Pentamark Group takes pride in helping Pakistan during the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We'll be distributing Ration Bags to the Daily Wages who are suffering only because of this contagious virus. We're making bags for a family, for a month which is up to 6kgs.

The breakdown of Ration is as follows:

Rice: PKR220.00

Daal Channa, 2kgs: PKR340.00

Sugar, 2kgs: PKR170.00

Salt, 1 packet: PKR30.00

Powder Milk, 1/2kgs: PKR300.00

Flour, 5kgs: PKR250.00

Cooking Oil: PKR440.00

2 Dettol Soap: PKR210.00

Total: PKR2160.00 per bag

We appeal to all our stakeholders, and people for donations. Please pledge in as much as you can. Talk to our team for more details.

Lets take care of ourselves, our families and community in this difficult time.

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