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Pentamark initiates it's own tracking software to provide clients with 1-stop link

From 1st October 2020, Pentamark Group will begin its own shipping and tracking digital service, that can provide tracking of client's order with us using 100+ shipping companies globally. Client ease and satisfaction has always been our top mission, and Pentamark is now one way more ahead with providing a top-unique service. Each order after 1.10.2020 is and can be scanned/or tracked at our tracking service online (

Pentamark Group handles app. 2000+ orders weekly globally, with shipped from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, UAE and European countries. With over 300+ clients, selling our products, or taking our fulfilment services can now track their order using our 1-stop link:

You can simply track your order given to us using your PFNI or Order ID submitted. Your Order ID and PFNI can be found at your BMS (

What is PFNI?

PFNI is Pentamark International tracking number for all fulfilment networks globally that can track your order with us. This ID helps us keep a track of your order at our server. Pentamark uses 100+ international shipment companies to deliver your order, and we give each order aPFNI that can track your status with us.

Pentamark has its own warehouse and fulfilling facility in USA, UK, UAE Australia, Germany, Canada, Europe, Pakistan and many more countries, from where we dispatch orders. Each order leaving our facility or warehouse is given a PFNI which can be used to track your order online.

Check our few FAQs below:

What is Tracking Link?

All shipments, leaving our warehouse via any courier company can be tracked at

Is this final version of the tracking portal?

Not at all, Pentamark is working timelessly hard to provide best and convenient portal - our new updates for tracking portal will be live sooner.

What to add in tracking portal?

Each order is given a PFNI, you can track using PFNI or the real tracking of the company i.e. FedEx, DHL or any.

If you are facing error?

We're working hard to fix all this, and if you feel there's an error - please email us.

When can I start tracking orders?

You can simply start tracking orders effective 1st October 2020, 12:00 am GMT. All orders sent on and after 1st October 2020 will be available and eligible to be tracked at Pentamark's tracking portal.

If I need help?

You're more than welcome to ask for help, simply log a case at or email us at


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