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Pentamark Group launched an independent brand for high-end clients - Pentamark Priority

Pentamark Group is a global leader in Business Management and Digital Media with its wings spread across the globe. Owing to the 400+ clients, company has launched an independent and separate brand for some clients. There are 3 ways to be a Priority Client of Pentamark:

1. Have an overall Business Relation worth USD100,000.00 with us

2. Remain a client for over a year or sign a year contract

3. Partnership/venture with us and business making USD10,000.00 or more a month.

With Priority services, the clients will receive high-end and personal services i.e. more meetings, personal relationship manager, exclusive meeting halls*, dedicated helplines, ask and it's done services, 24/7 management team availability, in-city tours and much more.

The company is not charging to be a Priority client. As our Priority client, we understand the Client's need for a faster, simpler and differentiated business experience. As a Priority client, all Client need to do is ask us once and we will ensure that it gets done with our "ask and it's done service".

Priority Website:

For more information, email


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