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Pentamark begins providing all sort of Legal Services in Pakistan, USA, UAE and UK.

Pentamark has partnered with one of the finest Law Firms from UK, USA, Pakistan & UAE to provide all sort of Legal Services. As decided, these services include business formations, taxes, claims and major facilitating things.

Pentamark Law Firm is a registered and owned subsidiary of Pentamark, Incorporated. Pentamark, being a pioneer in providing business development services has taken steps to ensure they remain steadfast and committed to progressive innovation for the benefit of each client or person.

Our Corporate Law Firm will be led by one of the talented Lawyer in Pakistan. "We're very excited to begin our work with Pentamark and we see a growth in this," said Ahmad, the Managing Director at Pentamark Law Firm.

Our website can be viewed at

Email us at for more information.

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