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Letter from Asad Jamal, on our 2nd Anniversary

Dear Pentamark Customers, Stakeholders & Partners,

Today, we mark the 2-year anniversary of Pentamark. I couldn’t be prouder of what we have accomplished in such a short span of time. I’m excited to share so much with you next.

Pentamark was just an idea, an idea to do something good for the businesses. When I was about to launch it in 2017 July, I was doing email marketing of our company and luckily was approved for projects even before our launch. That’s how we started. We gave a free-demos to customers and proved that our ability and sensibility to work would change and make a huge difference. I worked hard, day and night, along with continuing my education – I never stopped in ensuring that my work speaks for it-self. We launched as a design studio, and within 5 months of launched, we managed to expand ourselves into so many services.

Right after 2 months of launch, we managed to get a million-dollar company project from Sweden where we helped them launch their businesses in Lahore, Pakistan. That’s where we expanded to dual city from Faisalabad, Pakistan – where we began. Right after 1 year of launch, Pentamark Group managed to get so many of clients. We had multiple clothing brands, restaurants, interior design companies, construction companies, travel companies on board with us. That’s where we thought it’s the right time to go international.

After our expansion in Islamabad and Karachi, we managed to step in USA, UK, Gulf Countries, Australia, Canada and Europe. Today, as I write this; I’m proud to say we stand strong with clients from over 28 countries and making a good team of over 250 companies with us. We’re partnered to many companies, we’re stakeholders in many businesses and the best thing is – I never thought of stopping myself. Expand. Grow. Expand. Grow bigger. Upwards. Onwards. Beyond someone’s ability to think. These words won’t let me sleep.

Moreover, Pentamark is coming up with our Coffee & Tea Company brand, Fulfillment Centers, Sourcing Services, Clothing Line, Shoe Brand line and so much of products and ventures in the upcoming years.

In the upcoming years, I want to cover as much as I can. I never want to stop. I want to step into so many things. That's how you grow. That's how you get better. Pentamark Group currently has over 18 owned companies across the globe, involved in digital media, construction, trade, international retail, management, marketing, technology, investment communication, systems development, solutions technology and dozens of products and ventures.

I asked myself this question a year ago, how would Pentamark reach stability in growth? And, it’s been year I’m trying to find the answer. I never want to stop. I want to do what other’s just talk about. I want to make sure that Pentamark stands out. We remain on the top.

Having achieved so much, I feel extremely proud of what we are today. Pentamark remains steadfast and committed to progressive innovation for the benefit of one and all. Pentamark is amazing not because of our business or scale or accomplishments. The best thing about Pentamark is that we come together under a common mission and vision.

The partnership system we developed is a creative solution to good governance and sustainability, as it overcomes several challenges faced by companies of scale: continuous innovation, leadership succession, accountability and cultural continuity. Over the 2 years, in iterating our management model, we have experimented with and improved on the right balance between systems and individuals. Simply relying on individuals or blindly following a system will not solve our problems. To achieve long-term sustainable growth, you need the right balance among system, people and culture. I have full confidence that our partnership system and efforts to safeguard our culture will in time win over the love and support from customers, employees and shareholders across the globe.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my families, friends and everyone involved in constant support. I plan on working on my role as the Chairman in the Pentamark Group and contribute to the work of the growth. I also want to return to education, which excites me so much because that’s where you learn.

Lastly, there's a quote that motivates me so much: "The world is big, and I am still young, so I want to try new things – because what if new dreams can be realized?!"

And, Pentamark will remain close to my heart – forever. There’s one thing I can promise and ensure is, Pentamark was never about Asad Jamal, but Asad will forever belong to it.

Asad Jamal Hamayun

Chairman, Pentamark Group

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