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This year has been challenging and we made it worth it for many.

Ways and tools to grow a business - without doing a business.

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 Start a business! 

Start a dropshipping and wholesale business with Pentamark. We provide you 2200+ products to re-sell. All our products are authentic and ensures quality satisfaction. We have 2+ years in wholesale, B2C and B2B solutions. Pentamark Wholesales leading provider of wholesale products and specialists in import and export of a multitude of products. These range from home textiles, mobile accessories, motorbike garments, leather products, towels, healthcare services as well as services to the fashion industry. We also provide wholesale printed services on cotton products, bed linen and duvet sets. These can be made via bespoke designs.

 Where are we based? 

One thing we pride ourselves on is being glocally based (global+local), making it easier for communication between us and our clients and allowing us to meet the clients for a more personalised delivery.

We operate in Pakistan, UK, UAE, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.


We own 4 warehouses, 3 offices and massive partnerships with vendors and stakeholders globally. 

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 How to begin? 

It's simple. We allow you to re-sell our products on all leading platforms, including Amazon, eBay, AliBaba, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, Souq, Noon and Etsy. You will list our products, and we'll manage deliveries, returns and products for you.

How we do this?

We have a dedicated software where we open your DS (Dropshipping) and WS (Wholesale) account with us. You process your orders through our software, and find tracking numbers, returns, deliveries, payments status and more all in that.

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 Schedule a call! 

Let's schedule a call today with our team. It's a 10 minute call where we give you complete description on how to start an automated dropshipping business. All you need is accounts and with no investment, you can begin selling on all platforms.


Click here to schedule!

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 Which countries you can re-sell? 

You can start selling if you have access to the following countries marketplace accounts:

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Germany

  • UAE

If you have Amazon, eBay, Etsy accounts of the following countries, simply start uploading our products. We give products in amazing cost. Sell them keeping your profit and pay us just for the product.

You can sell online without stock risks. Real time management of stock using our top-rated softwares, and more opportunities as you grow with us.



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 Start selling! 

Run your accounts while we manage your stock - at no cost. Just pay us when you get order, and pay us only for the order cost.


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We also do have the resources

To build your automated business with us in 4 months at a low cost.

This means, we set your accounts for life in 4 months time, and you never stop making money. We hire a VA for you and take care of your accounts with our dedicated team supervisions, and VA sets your account with listing on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify. VA will set up with 2500+ listings on platforms, building you an automated business - that directly we manage. We charge for 4 months only initially, later - we don't charge.

Success rate: 97%

Package starting at USD250.00*. Terms and conditions apply. To inquire more, connect with us!

Please note that this is optional. If you want to manage on your own, it's your choice. We have a team of 32 VAs and we take care of the accounts for you through our certified VAs.

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Relax for you. 

  1. We assure relax for you. All of orders are sent daily. 

  2. We have a dedicated Payments Team and option to pay in 11 countries.

  3. We have the most dedicated team, ensuring your satisfaction.

  4. Once you sign up with us, you're added to our conversations groups.

  5. We also hold our own tracking software ( where you can track your orders leaving our warehouse realtime.

  6. We have the most amazing team to handle your concerns, returns and refunds.

  7. We have contracts with all global freight companies (50+) to manage your orders.

  8. You only pay us when you get order.

  9. We have a dedicated software for you ( to what we call BMS. You get your own BMS login details, inventory details, and more once you sign up.

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Get real support.

From real people. 

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