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360 Degree Solutions

We push startups. We believe in collaborative approach and ways so as to groom the entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey and further enhance their business models and refine their monetization Model.


Online Presence Development

We give realistic services to your startup business. We implement your ideas to create the website and social media which best reflects your startup and give your brand a much needed identity.

Application Development

Develop secure, clean-coded, responsive and fully documented web app development for your startup business with us. Our solid foundation will help your startup to be adaptable and scalable.

International & Local Cloud Hosting

We give your startup website the on going maintenance to make them safe and secure. From monitoring the services to install security patches, managed cloud hosting and bug fixing, we serve you with the best.



Our dedicated mentors gives entrepreneurs the guidance, technical and practical advices for their specific business needs, helping the startups to learn and grow in this competitive industry.

Customer Acquisition

With the help of various marketing strategies, our startups are equipped with the latest and right tools to help them beat their target market and acquire a great market share.


Workshops and training sessions are organized by the top industry experts to tell the startups about the right tools and skills to further develop and grow their startup business.


Our startups are offered with free co-working space, legal aid, business development, mentorship and networking opportunities.


Our startups are uniquely positioned in a competitive ecosystem with the perspective to grow and accommodate according to the workload without compromising on the performance.

Business Development

The business developers do meetings with the startups to smoothen the communication channel and advise them on goal setting, business planning and startup events.


With the strong network of worldwide investors both local and international associated with us, we help connecting our startups with the best potential investors to support and turn their raw ideas into great companies. Get in-touch with us today by emailing us at

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